Journey Into Climate

Paul Andrew Maywewski

Michael Cope Morrison

The adventure and excitement behind climate research in the polar regions and the world’s high mountains.

In this collection of adventure stories and restored period photos, authors Paul Andrew Mayewski and Michael Cope Morrison tell their personal experiences going to some of the Earth’s most remote and challenging places, the scientific discoveries they made there, and the journey that they, and the scientific community, made from a "gradualist" viewpoint - thinking that humanity was an inconsequential observer in a slowly changing climate - to the realization that we are deeply and irrevocably involved in the short- and long-term fate of a temperamental climate capable of dramatic changes in a matter of only a few years. They also tell of discovering the worldwide reach of industrial emissions; their effects on climate, Civilization, ecosystems, and our individual quality of life; the remarkable success of the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocols; and how some of the effects can clear up in weeks or months - and others only over centuries.

More detail in the book Journey Into Climate

01-View From Nun Kun Plateau.jpg
View From Nun Kun Plateau

02-Ascending Nun Kun Ice Plateau.jpg
Ascending Nun Kun Ice Plateau

03-Transanarctic Mountains.jpg
Transantarctic Mountains

04-Ross Ice Shelf.jpg
Ross Ice Shelf

05-Dry Valley Ventifact.jpg
Dry Valley Ventifact

06-Scotts Huts at Cape Evans.jpg
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans

07-Wind Blown Sunset.jpg
Wind Blown Sunset

08-Snow Mobile Traverse.jpg
Snow Mobile Traverse

09-Polar Lunch.jpg
Polar Lunch

10-Punjab Children.jpg
Punjab Children

11-Dal Lake Srinigar.jpg
Dal Lake Srinigar

12-Tongul Porters.jpg
Tongul Porters

13-Tongul Porter List.jpg
Tongul Porter List

14-Traverse to Nun Kun.jpg
Traverse to Nun Kun

15-Ice Coring on Nun Kun.jpg
Ice Coring on Nun Kun

16-Dust Layer.jpg
Dust Layer

17-Loads at GISP2.jpg
Cargo at GISP2

18-South Greenland ice Coring.jpg
South Greenland ice Coring

19-Beardmore Glacier Camp.jpg
Beardmore Glacier Camp

20-Processing Core.jpg
Processing Core

21-South Pole Station.jpg
South Pole Station

22-Departing South Pole.jpg
Departing South Pole

23-Snow Layers.jpg
Snow Layers

24-First Tents at GISP2.jpg
First Tents at GISP2

25-GISP2 Drill.jpg
GISP2 Drill

26-GISP2 Drill Dome.jpg
GISP2 Drill Dome

27-Mongolian Border Town.jpg
Mongolian Border Town

28-Camp Near Annapurna.jpg
Camp Near Annapurna

29-Tupungatito Glacier.jpg
Tupungatito Glacier